((BOUNCE)) – Is this the new exercise craze?

First off, I want to apologise for not posting a blog in … god knows how long! It’s been a crazy few months, moving in with my boyfriend and having a crazy time at work. This also meant that my usual exercise regime has slipped…oppps. Going from 3-5 days a week in the gym to a big fat 0 is hard to come back from!

Until I found ((BOUNCE)).


What is ((BOUNCE)) I hear you say? Well, it’s just what is says on the tin. You bounce. On tampettes. And compete a choreographed routine to a funky soundtrack with up to 19 other women in a room. And you sweat. You sweat ALOT.


Have I put you off? I REALLY hope I haven’t because it’s the best fitness class I have been to in a good while – even beating my favourite body pump extra class. Maybe this is because of the energetic encouragement from the instructor at Beckenham, Sophie or because you are having fun at the same time as burning 600-800 calories in one session?

Those endorphin’s are whizzing around by the time you finish and you feel like you’re walking on air….quite literally!

For anyone that knows me knows I had a serious accident on a trampoline last year – leaving me out of action for months (and I don’t think I am fully recovered yet), but Sophie really put me at ease. Her smiley compliments and cheeky comments make you breathe on through the horrendous stitch in your stomach ***DISCLAIMER*** not everyone will get a stitch ;).

I loved it so much so….that I’m going back tonight – even after a morning session of boxing. Am I starting to become committed again? Well yes it’s about time I did something about the extra kgs I’ve gained over the last few months. Skipping meals and cutting carbs won’t simply cut it anymore, it’s all about the mantra ‘Strong not Skinny’ – let’s see if I get there!

If you want to join the #bouncearmy come along to Langley Girls School for a class with ((BOUNCE)) Beckenham. You won’t regret it…and it’s really reasonable and you can even get in early and grab a discount with early bird tickets! Book online today at bouncefitbody.com and find Beckenham under ‘London’.

Where is it? I hear you say? We can’t create a #bouncearmy without you! Check out the below details to find your local studio today at bouncefitbody.com – They’re popping up all over the country!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bouncebeckenham/

Website: bouncefitbody.com

To Book: https://bouncefitbody.com/pages/book-a-class

Location: Langley Girls School, Hawksbrook Lane, Beckenham, BR3 3BE


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