Buko Coconut Jam

Coconut jam you say? No…you’ve lost me. I’d never heard of it either before a few weeks ago.

But it does exist and it’s bloomin’ lovely!

I don’t normally eat that much bread (she says) but my freezer had a malfunction this weekend and so I am  now left with a whole batch of defrosted bread (that I wasn’t expecting). So I thought why not try some of this coconut jam that is apparently all the rage?

Well I know exactly why now.

I have two versions at home – original and with added sea salt.


Now for anyone that loves salted caramel, like myself, you will really really enjoy Buko’s coconut jam with sea salt. They are a healthy version of your normal breakfast spread, and taste delicious…oh and obviously it’s gluten free.

Buko Coconut jam comes in 3 flavours, original, sea salt and chocolate and you can buy from most health food stores (Planet Organic, realfoods.co.uk, Amazon, healthysupplies.co.uk to mention a few).

But you don’t just have to use it to lather on your toast….oh no no no. Why not get creative and add it to pancakes, smoothies or just dip your finger in and eat straight from the jar (OK, I admit it…that’s my favourite way to eat it!).


Enjoy! T 🙂 x


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