Flowers On Her Birthday

There is only one word for how I feel right now and that is proud.

My little brother who was made to stand in front of family members at the age of 3 and sing ‘My Old Mans a Dustman’ (my dad made us listen to old LPs when we were younger before we went to bed…) and would plonk around on the piano when I would be trying to show off my rendition of chopsticks, is now a fully fledged artist in his own right.


And he did it all by himself…and we didn’t know a thing!

He’d say ‘I’m going to the studio mum!’ and we thought he was just going to hang out with his friends…but now he has a soundcloud account with what he’s been working on, a music video and has been featured on SB.TV.

Now I’m not just saying this because he’s my brother; Little Joey, the boy I terrorised when we were younger, and would fight with –  but his lyrics are real and relatable. He writes his own songs. Would I have thought it – no. This is the boy who had me write part of his A level English coursework.

All I can say is that I bet Ms. Lazare would be proud of pulling you out of all those English classes.

Take a listen – It’s got a laid back chill vibe, for those summer days.

Twitter @monroejoe

I am so unbelievably proud of you Joe – love you always x


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