A little ‘Thank You’ once in a while wouldn’t hurt

‘Working 9-5 what a way to make a living’

Thanks Dolly – that’s my daily life. 9.30am-5.30pm (most days) and the monotony that sometimes comes with it.

Reports where numbers jumble in your head, eating lunch at your desk because you can’t face sitting on your own in the canteen and presentations, lots and lots of presentations. Week in, week out.

So sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated for the work that you do. Sometimes it’s nice, even if just a ‘thanks that presentation was really great’ or ‘Hey you worked on your holiday and saved me 5 hours worth of work’.

This is why I am glad I work for a company that makes their staff feel appreciated. We have star of the month, something to work towards (after all it’s a bottle of Champagne, and who doesn’t like Champagne??) and PASSION and Christmas awards.

I once worked for a  ‘Start up’ company who worked you to the bone, squeezed every once of energy you had left in your system and then spat you back out at 10pm at night. It is safe to say, that they lost most of their hard workers.

So why do companies think that this is a productive way of running a company? To be honest – I don’t know.

In my office,we have a taxidermy Fox and Moose head that migrate with us when we get asked to move desk banks, the silly hat, which you definitely don’t want to be caught wearing and Nerf darts. Bloody Nerf darts! We are social. We can’t help it – although I can’t imagine what other teams think of us!

Every Friday we have created ‘Beer Friday’ where people down tools at 5, chill out and chat with those who you might not work with all the time. Then there’s Fiesta Fridays – every month something to celebrate whether it be a religious festival or cultural.

Al in all, what I am trying to say is that ‘Thank you’ whatever way you say it goes a long way in the work place, and you might even find that you get more productivity from your teams.

I just wish my previous company did this…it wouldn’t have made me such a cynical person!

T x



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