Buy British…Buy Seasonal

When we buy our groceries from the various supermarkets in the UK, do we actually look at where our food is from?

I know for one – I don’t look at where my strawberries are from – or whether they are supporting British Farmers.

But why wouldn’t you buy a product that is grown in on your doorstep, or for that fact in season? It’s too expensive? Actually no it’s not.

At the weekend, I went fruit picking – and found myself thinking – why the hell haven’t I done this before, not even as a child and I spent every school holiday in the Kent countryside!


PYO or Pick Your Own is a great way to support British farmers (you can find them all over the country), get out into the fresh country air with the kids or buy reasonable fruit and vegetables that you have picked yourself.

There is some sort of self achievement you feel once you have spent nearly 2 hours picking your crop, you think subconsciously that it tastes better. But it doesn’t just taste better because you picked it – it’s because the crop is ready for harvest, not frozen and thawed or picked before it should be.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many families were at Stonepitts farm in Sevenoaks on Sunday, picking their strawberries (what’s left of them as they are coming to the end of season), raspberries and twoberries.

The fruit was deliciously sweet, and I couldn’t help but buy punnets full of all three fruits.


If you’re looking for a daytime date, or something to do with the children over the summer holidays – I would definitely suggest looking up your local PYO farm and take a trip.



T 🙂 x



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  1. My mom grew up across the street from a Strawberry farm in Connecticut in the 1960’s. They’d pay the kids a quarter for filling up a basket with strawberries. She did this for 5 years and never made a cent. Lol!


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