The Little London Bunch

little london bunch

There is nothing I love better than a bunch of flowers. I’d fill my flat with them every week if I could afford it!

The Little London Bunch is exactly what is says on the tin. A little bunch of flowers delivered in London – well that’s like any florist in London, right?


Read on to find out about this quaint little company that had me following, liking and wanting to write a post about!

The aim of The Little London Bunch is to put a smile on someone’s face without hitting your bank account hard. And if you live in London and have ordered same day flowers you will know what I am talking about.


Early each weekday morning the flower fairies go to the flower market and pick the prettiest seasonal flowers – ready to turn them into beautiful bunches of the day for your loved one, and  have them ready to be delivered – the same day.

The bunch of the day comes in two options:

  • Traditional wrapped bunch of flowers to be placed in a vase when received
  • The Little London Bag made with the same flowers but comes in a hessian bag with a built in water source, making it a perfect desk companion – no vase needed

flower 3  flowers 2  flower 4

Photos are taken from The Little London Bunch’s Instagram account which you can find here

 Both are £20 including delivery (London area only).  You can’t even go into M&S, pick a decent bunch of half dead flowers and get the tube to your granny’s for that – so it’s perfect for those forgotten birthdays, cheer me ups or just because.

But don’t wait until the end of the day to get yours; once they are gone they are gone!

You can however pre-order so you wouldn’t have lost out too much.

Give them a visit on Twitter, Instagram or their website – let’s support small local businesses!

 T 🙂 x


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