Delicious Peanut and Ginger Cookies

I just love the Gluten Free mixes from Delicious Alchemy. They have made my life so much easier, from bread to brownies and now I have tried cookies. 

Their oaty cookie mix is extremely easy to use, all you need is 75g of melted butter and 30ml of water. These cookies are not a healthy special I am afraid…more of a week’s worth of cheat meals..but oh so good, I had to restrain myself from eating all 10 I made!

Once the wet ingredients are added to the mix, I then split the mix into two bowls. 

In the first bowl I added 3 teaspoons of peanut butter and a handful of roughly chopped plain peanuts (not salted or roasted!). This makes 5 nicely sized cookies. 

To the other bowl I added 3 teaspoons of powdered ginger, unfortunately I didn’t have any fresh or minced ginger in the fridge, otherwise I would have used this for a more pungent flavour. If you are not a fan of gingery biscuits, you can always add raisins and cinnamon, be daring and go for chocolate and hazelnut, or the good old chocolate chip. Again this amount of mixture makes 5 cookies. 

Once evenly separated and rolled into small balls, they were placed on a greaseproof lined baking tin and pressed into a cookie shape. 

I cooked them for 18 minutes, as I like my cookies nice and crunchy, at a temperature of 160 degrees on a fan assisted oven. 

They are perfect for gifts if you are going to a BBQ in this amazing weather, or even to take into the office as a mid week treat. I tied some simple ribbon around 4 of the 5 biscuits and ensured they were all the same (ish) size to they could stack nicely. 

In the above picture, Peanut butter flavour are in red, and ginger in blue

I gave mine to the teachers at my mums school….lets just say I have had orders from them for gifts! 

Order your oaty cookie mix from the Delicious Alchemy website and check out their other products too! 

All are simple and easy to make even for the most novice of bakers! 

T 🙂 x

***This mix was sent to me from Delicious Alchemy to try, test and create cookies***


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