Savse… what?

Savse Smoothies


For the last few months, I have been looking for the ultimate pressed juice that is easy to drink and has the right combination of natural vitamins and benefits. With winter approaching and my uncontrollable B12 and Vitamin D levels, I thought I’d get ahead of the tiredness and fatigue.

 Being a busy individual, I don’t have the time to make juices or smoothies unless I have a spare 20 minutes at the weekend (which rarely happens). I have tried a few on the market, but they always seem to have some form of added sugar, or are unnaturally high in calories – not ideal.

However, yesterday I found Savse Cold Pressed Juices in Boots and thought I would give them a go. I am not going to lie when I first looked at what was in the juices I winced a tiny bit inside dreading what they would taste like. You know that saying you should never judge a book by its cover … yeah that. I have tried the Super Blue and Green Juice and both have been extremely delicious, and not what I thought they would taste like – at all.  The best bit is…they don’t contain any added sugar,and are low in calories! Horrah!

There are no preservatives added, as they use High Pressure Processing (HPP), an innovative preservation method that allows the fruit and veg to retain their natural goodness, without using heat. Nina originally made these smoothies 30 years ago after finding out she had an iron deficiency whilst pregnant. Her children loved the juices so much they decided to bottle them and sell them for the rest of us to enjoy – thank the lord they did!


Their packaging is on point, and they have clearly found their USP.  From reading about them in various articles, it’s quite unbelievable that there are only 6 people who work for this company, from production and logistics to account management. I know all too well how crazy it is working for a start up, so I applaud you, your perseverance and dedication to getting your product out there for people to enjoy.  Well done guys, you will be having my full support going forward!

T 🙂 x


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